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We will no longer entertain you unless you accept any of our invitations to clarify things up if they are not clear to you.

SC Farm’s Updated and Last answers to
Chitranjan Baghi

This article is made to answer Chitranjan Baghi’s updated article regarding SC Farm and how we operate. Please be advised that we offered multiple ways to communicate to make him stop wonder and answer all his questions and accusations. If he is really concerned he should accept our invitations so that his 8 followers on youtube will be fully updated as well, but if his main goal is to spread lies and wrong speculations as conspiracy theories we can’t help him. Please read our friendly advice for you Chitranjan Baghi.

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- Chitranjan Baghi


We hope you are having a great day! Please take time to read our response to your article, if you have more questions please let us know.


This is a reply to Chitranjan Baghi regarding his scandalous post regarding the involvement of SC Farm and Clic World.

First off, the company registration of Block Group Corporation is still ongoing and it just got approved and verified by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The certificate has been so blurred just because it was taken on a monitor by the SC Farm representative and sent to the owner, Lenny SC. Yes, due to lockdown, the certificate has not been given to the respective owners. …

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After spending a few days on an island where small scale farmers live and after talking to residents, we figured out why they are still struggling no matter how much effort the Government exerts to improve their lives. To be honest, it’s not a secret, a lot of people know that this group of society is one of the most exploited people in the country.

It is indeed heartbreaking to hear from the youth that they don’t see any growth from their own community. With this, we know that something has to be changed.

Informal lenders are just doing business…

The Philippines consists of 7100 islands, the world’s longest discontinuous coastline. Over a million Filipinos are engaged in marine fishing. Of these, an estimated 800,000 are small-scale fishermen using traditional, low-cost techniques, notably net fishing from small boats and the fish corral.

In the Philippines, small-scale fishermen have traditionally relied on informal lenders in view of the limitations of self-finance and the lack of access to bank credit. Informal credit sources were preferred over formal or institutional sources for the following reasons: accessibility, fast credit extension, liberal terms, and being the only source known to the fisherman. …

SC Farm

We are first tokenised Shrimp and Crab farm. Now we are changing and with help of Blockchain we are improving life of many farmers in the area.

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